Prince Who Should Be King

Nikita "Rough Trade" Pictured: Xander Berkley as Percy Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW © 2010 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Percy is the only true boss in the entire show since he runs the most dangerous secret agency in the world with real restrictions except for funding. Over the last almost 20 years he plotted his rise to power through the genius idea of documenting all of Americas operations done in the last century that needs to be destroyed but hasn’t been leaving an opportunity for more to be done. During his reign as leader of Division, many things are revealed such as the black boxes with information on all Americas and allied nations dirty deeds protected by a dangoure crew of soldiers called guardians junking on some next grade pharmaceutical pills. One mission that stood out to me was a phone that could be used like a small computer with 3d scanning technology add with the most secure software. Imagine what phone repair costs would be on this mobile since its years in advance compared to existing products. Other than the guardians he has Michael, the engineer, Burkov as well as many other supporters, outside of division making moves for him. Amanda is Percy’s second in command, not Michael since she has a crucial job of being a psychologist treating for all Division’s Agents.

In the first half of season two, Amanda’s role has changed due to a very unusual turn of events, steaming from over site needing Percy locked away instead of being killed since he put a trigger in his chest that would go off if he dies. . Although they agreed to keep him alive since the black boxes would release the information into the world wide net, so rather than falling into a more dangerous situation they seal this threat away. Percy like a boss went out of his way to find another pawn as a connection to Roan and the remaining Guardians, which turned out to be Alex since he had information about the man that ordered her family killed. Where Alex was once a mole for Nikita, she appeared to be becoming one for Percy instead, though unknowingly When Alex returns from more missions now she disobeys Amanda for Percy’s influence which is disappointing since his the king of manipulation. Alex, through a series of events, was also being manipulated by Nikita beforehand, so this turn of events makes sense to me because she can’t trust anyone, at one time, through blackmail, Percy seemed to have his paws around Alex.Eventually Percy escapes the cage and collects what’s left of his black boxes and guardians so he can get back to threatening the state with some classified secrets. Near the end of his campaign, he found a way to convince everyone he has a laser weapon mounted on a satellite blowing up nuclear power plants. Arguably the best scene in the whole series is when this guy explains how Portuguese is one of the main languages in Latin America is the fact the Spanish used violence and threats to compel the locals, but the Portuguese convince the people they could turn off the sun since an eclipse was coming they had a result. This whole monolog explains that he just placed some bombs in the nuclear plants with the help of a minion which later was revealed to be Roan. In a last attempt to ascend to a higher level of power he demands a way out of division as a raid is being done, ended tragically with the deaths of Percy and Roan two boss guys trying to fuck this world.