The unstoppable killer in this show would be Roan since he killed many people without being hindered by obstacle or conscience. Roan stood part of the unit that assaulted the Udinov Mansion. He verified that he had shot the mother though in actuality he had only tranquilized her. Pilot signals Roan’s first appearance. He and Michael are assigned to Gary’s home after the first sighting of Nikita after three years. There he casually checks the bathroom for bathtub like he is Calgary Plumbers and then shoots Gary in the middle of the sentence. Although Michael is somewhat stirred by it since it ended his interrogation, Roan confuses this for agitation as for the body and reacts with a calm “Don’t worry, I’ll clean it”. Later he is part of Operation Black Arrow and encounters Nikita.He doesn’t display any surprise and goes right for his knife. Luckily for Nikita two of General Safwani’s bodyguards get out of the elevator, noticing his blade. While he kills them both without cracking a sweat Nikita uses her opening, and although he follows her, she can escape in a car with General. Continue reading

Heel In High Heels


Amanda is the most destructive individual you could ever meet in your entire life she is the monster in the mind of everyone you don’t want to admit exists but does. In the developing story, you see a woman so unaffected by life it is disturbing since it means she has lost all sense of humanity. I see many people in society today who have also fallen into this deadly trap caused by unfortunate events befalling innocent folks. Forging a new age of pill popping psychologist chatting in an attempt calming of a monster stirring in their minds instead of facing it or utilizing it. I have a monster problem pushing me towards a particular path that never will allow me to be the human I need to be. During the series we see many characters come and go but none stands out as much as Amanda sine she stood above all her opponents as a women hell bent on gaining the world. In the first half of season two, Amanda’s role has changed due to a fascinating turn of events, steaming from over-site needing Percy locked away instead of being killed since he put a trigger in his chest that would go off if he dies. Even the cleaner agents couldn’t stop this dirty situation from get filthier and their the best carpet cleaners. Continue reading

Prince Who Should Be King

Nikita "Rough Trade" Pictured: Xander Berkley as Percy Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW © 2010 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Percy is the only true boss in the entire show since he runs the most dangerous secret agency in the world with real restrictions except for funding. Over the last almost 20 years he plotted his rise to power through the genius idea of documenting all of Americas operations done in the last century that needs to be destroyed but hasn’t been leaving an opportunity for more to be done. During his reign as leader of Division, many things are revealed such as the black boxes with information on all Americas and allied nations dirty deeds protected by a dangoure crew of soldiers called guardians junking on some next grade pharmaceutical pills. One mission that stood out to me was a phone that could be used like a small computer with 3d scanning technology add with the most secure software. Imagine what phone repair costs would be on this mobile since its years in advance compared to existing products. Other than the guardians he has Michael, the engineer, Burkov as well as many other supporters, outside of division making moves for him. Amanda is Percy’s second in command, not Michael since she has a crucial job of being a psychologist treating for all Division’s Agents. Continue reading

Princess Rises


Alex is the most inspirational character on this show Alex is the child of the deceased Russian oligarch Nikolai Udinov plus his wife who were assassinated via Division, on orders of Sergei Semak. She was the sole survivor of this ordeal and thought an associate of her father would keep her safe. Instead, Alex was sold into sex work by her father’s colleague because he required money and assumed no one would realize her at any rate. Eventually, she found a way to start operating while in Division to collect the intel and means she required to reclaim her inheritance. She insisted that she was only using Division although Amanda would argue; otherwise, she had gone on many missions for them, although only if they presented vital information on Semak. Thorugh many different ways, Alex was able to help Nikita complete her task of destroying division by sabotaging certain missions or just parts of the operation. One of my favorite moments is she shoot another initiative in the belly to keep her cover even though she seemed to like him quite well. Other than that the main thing was keeping channels of operation open through hacking systems with pieces of technology like code to older sections of code most people wouldn’t know of or implanting bugs in some teeth.Later on, when Percy is overthrown by Amanda and the remaining oversite members he needs ti have a person he can depend on so he only agrees to share information with Amanda only if Alex was the one assigned to talk to him. In the first half of season two, Amanda and Alex’s association took an unusual turn. Although they agreed to be partners in crime, it ran a lot thicker than this. Since Alex was apart from Nikita, granted that she remained in Division moreover Nikita wasn’t, Alex used to Amanda for council in critical decisions. Alex opposed Amanda by killing Anton Kochenko; they tried to make Alex abort the mission following Nikita messing up their methods. Continue reading

The last real agent

The last real agent intent on protecting American freedom is Nikita in an attempt to grasp power away power from the corrupt that could not respect when the appropriate time is to use it. Through the process of gaining all the black boxes with the secret intel of all past missions and deals done by officials to ensure the USA future. Now the important truth about certain scenarios that may have unfolded would cause issue within their nation not to mention the strain on worldwide diplomacies. They needed to stop both divisions and Nikita if either enemy gets out of control with some crazy agenda it shall not end well. Utilizing the gap of power left behind after the attacks done in last two decades offering a real villain the ability to build an empire of power from his vault of secrets. He captures and recruits different individuals for Training potentials in the way of the spy that seeks to translate the information need to make more opportunities appear but arrogance gets the best of him, and he loses perspective. Nikita was selected by Division when she was a drug-addicted teenager. That ends up on death row for the murder pf an individual. Continue reading

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