Heel In High Heels


Amanda is the most destructive individual you could ever meet in your entire life she is the monster in the mind of everyone you don’t want to admit exists but does. In the developing story, you see a woman so unaffected by life it is disturbing since it means she has lost all sense of humanity. I see many people in society today who have also fallen into this deadly trap caused by unfortunate events befalling innocent folks. Forging a new age of pill popping psychologist chatting in an attempt calming of a monster stirring in their minds instead of facing it or utilizing it. I have a monster problem pushing me towards a particular path that never will allow me to be the human I need to be. During the series we see many characters come and go but none stands out as much as Amanda sine she stood above all her opponents as a women hell bent on gaining the world. In the first half of season two, Amanda’s role has changed due to a fascinating turn of events, steaming from over-site needing Percy locked away instead of being killed since he put a trigger in his chest that would go off if he dies. Even the cleaner agents couldn’t stop this dirty situation from get filthier and their the best carpet cleaners.
Although they agreed to keep him alive since the black boxes would be realized into the world wide net, so rather than falling into a more dangerous situation they seal this threat away. Amanda went on winning like a boss destroying everything in her way to find another pawn as a connection to Russia’s agency and the remaining Guardians, which turned out to be Alex since she needed information about the man that ordered her family to be slaughtered. Where Alex was once a mole for Nikita, she appeared to be becoming one for Percy instead, though unknowingly When Alex returns from a mission now she disobeys Amanda for Percy’s influence which is disappointing since his the king of manipulation. Alex, through a series of events, was also being manipulated by Amanda before hand, so this turn of events makes sense to me because she can’t trust anyone, at one period, through extortion, Percy seemed to have his claws around Amanda. This, in turn, forces her to flee division and find other allies to survive the ensuing hunt for the remains of Percy enterprise after his death. Leading to a crazy set of events turning the spy world upside down, which i respect to this day since it shows a willingness to find a way back on the top.