Another major character in Nikita is Michael; this man is the heart of the organization that is division meaning no one is more important to Percy in the world when things need to be done. Throughout many different missions, we catch a glimpse into what drives this person to do what he has to no matter the cost. He joined Division when he was in the military stationed in Iraq with he wife and child until an explosion decimated a street killing his family. No sooner had he recovered consciousness after the event, Michael, recuperating in a hospital bed and emotionally devastated by the loss of his family, instantly attempted suicide with pain medicine. Percy Rose, however, enters at this exact time to over him another option to be recruited into Division; hoping Division will aid him in discovering Kasim and Michael would get a chance to take vengeance. Michael accepted and was given the place as second-in-command and leader of agent operations at Division; this built the relationship between Percy and Michael. During this time, he trains numerous people in the way of a secret agent so they can enact Percy’s will across the world, but only one becomes more than just a charge to look over. Being the time his first Nikita when she was young and weak but need the guidance to gain the strength required for what she need to do now.  While he kills them both without cracking a sweat, Nikita uses her opening, and although he follows her, she can escape in a car with General. He is present when Percy states Nikita threat level 6, presumably meaning he is one of those agents operating on tracking her down if not on an another mission provided by Percy. Going after her like its was hvac service calgary and no other task stood above, cause you get your worth from these services. One of the ways Michael almost completed this in “One Way”, Michael plots to kill Tariq with a concealed blade in a state airport with help from Nikita, unbeknownst to her she had become part of this scheme. Nikita thwarts this plan to save his life which drove him away from their developing relationship. In 2011, Michael eventually joined Nikita and her plan after finding out the exact reasons behind the death of his family. Kasim only acted as a snitch, and remained truly an NOC Division agent; the loss of his family was truly due to Percy, the man who he thought saved his life, but instead convinced Kasim that Michael would be an exemplary target to gain the approval from Al-Qaeda. Nikita suddenly killed Kasim, upon discovering this, Michael, his lost his faith in everything except his feelings for Nikita, which weren’t shattered, joining her growing anti-Division team they also succumb to their emotions and become lovers. Synchronically, he continues with them on her crusade to search for a way to bring down Division. Supplying any information on the guardians or Roan when very secret missions are being completed. Eventually Division comes to an end with Michael an Nikita standing in the ruins as victors who stood while others fell.