Owen the Owl

Owen is a retired Division “cleaner” operative who lives in Montreal, Canada as a Guardian- one of the uniquely chosen few entrusted to handle one of Percy’s black boxes. Owen, like Nikita, served for Division and fell in love with a noncombatant named Emily Robinson, Division operatives are prohibited from falling in love. When the black box location is detected, and Owen demands relocation, Percy grants and personally comes to Montreal with a large unit, secretly aiming to kill Owen after regaining the box. When Division operators come after him, Emily is executed and murdered by a Division sharpshooter. Owen then turns his anger towards against Division to retaliate her death and joins Nikita on her purpose to find and destroy the other Division black boxes and kill Percy. Owen later recognizes that he was the “cleaner” who then removed junked body of Daniel Monroe, Nikita’s civilian fiancé- a fact he reveals, and he then apologizes for; Owen is emotionally weighed down by many victims he has taken throughout his time in service to Division. Owen continues struggling with Nikita through Season 2 when he disappears again to hunt down and kill the surviving Guardians and destroy their boxes. Owen, without Nikita’s information, goes so far as to ally with Gogol under Ari Tasarov’s command, agreeing to destroy the black boxes in exchange for Gogol’s funding and support for his activities. Owen resurfaced in the scene Guardians where he had hunted down the latest Guardian Patrick Miller and prepared to raid his house with a Gogol team, but the guardian had left earlier he could capture him. Having got word of his association with Gogol Nikita creeps into his home and in an sneaks up on him and beats him and confronts him in an enraged state. After he soothed her down she spends the night and in the morning he cooks her breakfast and they have a heart to heart. They go investigating the Guardian, but in the middle of it all they discuss Nikita’s love life, and she reveals her relationship strains with Michael to him and he comforts her. He later reappears to Gogol only to have them turn on him, and he calls Nikita to go confront the Guardian on her own because she would get to him before Gogol having that he is currently already incapacitated. Michael succeedingly rescues him and Nikita during a fight. Since there existed two tasks at hand in two different positions going to get the black box in the ownership of Gogol and overcoming the Guardians and ruining their black boxes. Nikita told Owen and Michael to team up to defeat the Guardians while she heads to Gogol thinking that it would be natural for them to handle the Guardians if it was the two of them together. In the episode Pale Fire Having associated up both him and Michael together, they were able to find, defeat, and kill a Guardian and find the rest of the guardians and destroy all their black boxes. After the mission was completed, they reunite with Alex and Nikita at the shore house and he tells them he was going to go off by himself once again. Somewhere in the next six months, Owen was caught, and imprisoned Russia. Another Cleaner helped him escape, although she did this on Amanda’s orders, who needed information from Owen. Nikita and Division were alerted about his escape, and helped him get back to Division. He was shocked to learn that Percy was dead, and Nikita was now running Division with Ryan. However, after learning that Amanda knew who he was before Division captured him and turned him into an agent. He is now a part of Nikita’s team.