Princess Rises


Alex is the most inspirational character on this show Alex is the child of the deceased Russian oligarch Nikolai Udinov plus his wife who were assassinated via Division, on orders of Sergei Semak. She was the sole survivor of this ordeal and thought an associate of her father would keep her safe. Instead, Alex was sold into sex work by her father’s colleague because he required money and assumed no one would realize her at any rate. Eventually, she found a way to start operating while in Division to collect the intel and means she required to reclaim her inheritance. She insisted that she was only using Division although Amanda would argue; otherwise, she had gone on many missions for them, although only if they presented vital information on Semak. Thorugh many different ways, Alex was able to help Nikita complete her task of destroying division by sabotaging certain missions or just parts of the operation. One of my favorite moments is she shoot another initiative in the belly to keep her cover even though she seemed to like him quite well. Other than that the main thing was keeping channels of operation open through hacking systems with pieces of technology like code to older sections of code most people wouldn’t know of or implanting bugs in some teeth.Later on, when Percy is overthrown by Amanda and the remaining oversite members he needs ti have a person he can depend on so he only agrees to share information with Amanda only if Alex was the one assigned to talk to him. In the first half of season two, Amanda and Alex’s association took an unusual turn. Although they agreed to be partners in crime, it ran a lot thicker than this. Since Alex was apart from Nikita, granted that she remained in Division moreover Nikita wasn’t, Alex used to Amanda for council in critical decisions. Alex opposed Amanda by killing Anton Kochenko; they tried to make Alex abort the mission following Nikita messing up their methods. Alex said, So, Nikita prevails again, and then fired her sniper rifle, shooting Kochenko. When Alex returned, Amanda was distressed and furious because Alex opposed a direct order. Unlike every other rookie who would have been penalized harshly, she left unpunished. Alex, through a sequence of events, arranged for her to be shaped through Percy. At one point, by extortion, Percy appeared to have his claws around Alex. Funny enough that Alex was once a pawn for Nikita, she appeared to be becoming another one for Percy instead, though this time unknowingly.Eventually, this woman managed to complete her revenge with the help of Nikita and was able to double cross Amanda and Ari. She finally retook her father’s empire and recovered her mother. For the rest of season two, she operated with Nikita in taking down Division. She later supported Nikita in her assault on Division, which ended victoriously including the deaths of Percy and Roan, and with Ryan Fletcher assigned by the US administration to be Division’s Administrator.