The unstoppable killer in this show would be Roan since he killed many people without being hindered by obstacle or conscience. Roan stood part of the unit that assaulted the Udinov Mansion. He verified that he had shot the mother though in actuality he had only tranquilized her. Pilot signals Roan’s first appearance. He and Michael are assigned to Gary’s home after the first sighting of Nikita after three years. There he casually checks the bathroom for bathtub like he is Calgary Plumbers and then shoots Gary in the middle of the sentence. Although Michael is somewhat stirred by it since it ended his interrogation, Roan confuses this for agitation as for the body and reacts with a calm “Don’t worry, I’ll clean it”. Later he is part of Operation Black Arrow and encounters Nikita.He doesn’t display any surprise and goes right for his knife. Luckily for Nikita two of General Safwani’s bodyguards get out of the elevator, noticing his blade. While he kills them both without cracking a sweat Nikita uses her opening, and although he follows her, she can escape in a car with General. He is present when Percy states Nikita threat level 6, probably indicating he is one of those agents operating on hunting her down if not on a different mission provided by Percy.In “Glass Houses” he was requested to “clean up” Jaden from Alex’s flat. In “Betrayals” he got photos of Nikita delivering the black box to Central Intelligence Agency.In “Pandora”, Roan tries to “clean” Nikita’s apparently dead body while she wakes up and throws the hydrofluoric acid intended for her in his face, leaving him scarred. Later on in the series, he become a saboteur who operated for Percy while Percy was confined by Amanda. After Percy took back Division, he fought for the Rogue group again, doing various missions for Percy to help him gain power. One of the tasks put before him  was to gather the remaining black boxes and the guardians defending them so Percy could hold onto all his leverage personally, since the growing threat of Nikita getting her hands on them troubles him. During a trade for Percy so that Division under Amanda’s control can gain some as-semblance of certainties staying the way they are, and no one ending up in a body bag meant for the trash heap. Eventually Roan meets his end at a nuclear power plant he was intending on destroying for an elaborate plan to convince America Percy has a laser weapon attached to a satellite orbiting earth, weirdly enough its not Nikita that has a hand in it but Alex.