The last real agent

The last real agent intent on protecting American freedom is Nikita in an attempt to grasp power away power from the corrupt that could not respect when the appropriate time is to use it. Through the process of gaining all the black boxes with the secret intel of all past missions and deals done by officials to ensure the USA future. Now the important truth about certain scenarios that may have unfolded would cause issue within their nation not to mention the strain on worldwide diplomacies. They needed to stop both divisions and Nikita if either enemy gets out of control with some crazy agenda it shall not end well. Utilizing the gap of power left behind after the attacks done in last two decades offering a real villain the ability to build an empire of power from his vault of secrets. He captures and recruits different individuals for Training potentials in the way of the spy that seeks to translate the information need to make more opportunities appear but arrogance gets the best of him, and he loses perspective. Nikita was selected by Division when she was a drug-addicted teenager. That ends up on death row for the murder pf an individual. Division saw a moment of clarity with her, so they faked her death, and sold her on the idea that she was getting a second chance at life and serve her country while living more interestingly. Throughout her grueling training, Nikita never squandered her humanity. Once she graduated from rookie to field agent, she broke Division practices with falling in love with a noncombatant, whom she became involved with and plotted to escape beyond anybody reach. When Division discovered the escape plan and killed Nikita’s fiancé, Nikita went wild. She makes it her charge to take down Division, as a way to avenge her lover furthermore atone for the transgressions she committed as a Division agent. Percy orders Michael, the Division operative who trained Nikita, to deal with her.After being used in the numerous trials to destroy the black box’s of crisis Percy used to gain control over parts of the USA government. And he tries to join an organization who internationally holds considerable resources. On a quest to get the value from the fathers of world murders, extremist supported by villains. Himself developing into a strange idea of what is acceptable that I’ve enjoyed very much the ending of his story describes how even people’s beliefs can be bent with some persuasion not matter how costly it could be.